Pierpaola Volpones

Pierpaola Volpones is a member of the Rolf Institute since 1986.

In her former University studies in Italy, she graduated as Physical Educator (1976) and in Sociology (1982). She taught physical education in public schools and applied kinesis therapy in private centers for more than ten years.

After having attended a Rolf Movement™ Workshop, she startet the Rolfing® education. She certified first as Rolf Movement™ Practitioner (1986) and then as Rolfer (1988). Since then she runs her practice in Italy. In 1996 she became a Certified Advanced Rolfer™.

Her continuing education, was build attending Rolfing® workshops with Jeff Maitland, Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson, Peter Schwind and also the visceral manipulation workshop with Jean Pierre Barral, Didier Pratt, Alain Croibier. Her Rolf Movement™ background had been enriched by the teachings of Hubert Godard. She attended the first workshop with Godard in 1994.

After several years of practice, she started to assist various Instructors during Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ trainings.

In 2006, the Rolf Insitute certified Pierpaola as International Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ Instructor. She is a member of the International and the European Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™ Faculty. Since then she teaches the Basic Rolfing® Trainings.

She had been very active in setting, supporting and teaching the modular Rolfing® trainings in Italy.